Our school is the oldest and best known secondary school in the region with over 60 years of tradition and best teaching. We focus on providing our students with the best possible learning surrounding in order to facilitate the learning process and support students’ development, in different faculties like mathematics, science, humanities, languages, IT, and others. With a modern and professional sports hall, IT lab, and different special-interest groups our school also attracts sports and arts enthusiasts and enables them to develop their talents.

Also, we organize many cultural events, a lot of meetings with scientists, academics and  researchers. The school arranges different workshops, which aim at enriching students knowledge and outlook on life. All out-of-the-classroom events enhance the educational process, but at the same time bring a lot of joy and laughter. We participate in different projects, also international ones. We run student exchange programs with Diepholz DE and Melle BE through “Youth in Action.’ Our school is open and eager to participate in other projects which are yet to come, and which will add to the quality of teaching.